On these pages, I have tried to display photos of all types and all years of Texas license plates.
While some of these plates are from my personal collection, many are photos of plates seen on "ebay" or from other collectors.

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Timeline history of Texas Passenger & other plates

--Beginning of Timeline
--pre-state plates


FULL INDEX of all Texas plate types, past & present  

Dealer, Temporary & Manufacturer plates

Plates & cardboard tags used on vehicles in lieu of permanent registration.

Cycle plates

Plates used on motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds, etc.

Government & VIP plates

Including judicial, Exempt, congressional, etc.

honorary consul

Graphic passenger plates

Available to passenger vehicles at an extra cost.

Military & Veteran related plates

Available to current or former military members.

Special plates - passenger vehicles

Available to vehicles whose owners meet certain qualifications.

Special plates - other vehicles

Used on vehicles that have specific applications.

Truck, Trailer, & Bus plates

Including Apportioned, Combination, Tractor, etc.

Obsolete plate types

Plates no longer issued.

Sample plates

Including passenger, non-passenger, souvenir, and blanks.

Texas Railroad Commission

Regulates the trucking and transportation industry. Issued plates until the mid-1980s.

Misc. & Oddball plates
--Chauffeur Badges
--Inspection Stickers
--prototype plates
--City Plates
--Military Base plates
--Oddball plates

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